Europe4Kidstours offers fun filled vacations for the whole family in many European Countries and beyond

Planning a vacation for the whole family often becomes an overwhelming and time consuming task for busy parents, especially deciding on the places to visit, tours made fun and exciting activities. Europe4KidsTours come to the rescue when planning an awesome and meaningful family vacation to one of the many destinations in Europe.

The website is a fabulous solution for parents to organize fun filled, exciting and meaningful cultural city vacations for the entire family. Europe4Kidstours offer guided family tours in many European Capitals and other cities. They also offer various creative, hands on activities such as Art workshops, Cooking sessions, Painting lessons, Gladiator school, Segway tours, Golf cart tours and the novelty tour from December 2015: ‘Reveal the secrets of the Ancient World’, with real actors!

Cities like Athens, Rome, Florence, Paris, London, Barcelona, Istanbul, Ephesus, Berlin and Prague and many other cities make great places for a family vacation as the children get to learn about the true sense of art and the centuries – history one can touch! The fun and interactive private tours of Europe4kidstours are provided by child friendly, dynamic licensed local guides. The guides involve and engage the kids planting the seed of curiosity and the love for learning which cultivate their interests and thirst to travel and explore more. Hansel, the founder of Rome4kidstours says: ‘Our philosophy is to make happy kids who make happy parents, as travel is the best education ever if you do it the right way!’

Travel is the best and most efficient education for parents who want to make the most of their vacation time!

Europe4KidsTours also arrange fabulous ski packages in Italy, Switzerland and Austria and also magical private all-inclusive sailing adventures around the Greek Islands and along the Turkish Shore!

The itinerary of each private tour will be tailored to meet the individual needs in terms of sites to visit and the company also prefers flexibility in including or excluding sites according to individual preferences.

Discover Europe & Morocco through the eyes of expert guides, sightseeing to all the major sites and fun filled activities provided by the company, all at an affordable cost surely makes it a great option for organizing a family vacation.

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Country: London, Great Britain

Family Friendly Tour in Europe

Are you thinking of having family tour Europe? Having a family tour in Europe is a great way to spend high quality time with your family. Unfortunately, holidaying with kids is not always an easy thing to do. Dealing with kids on vacation needs a lot of patient and understanding at times. They are impatient in waiting in lines. They are also more sensitive than adults. Bad weather and certain food can cause health problems during the vacation. That’s why it is important for you to plan your family holiday carefully.

Plan the trip with a special travel agency

There are many travel agencies that offer you with wonderful European tour packages. However, not all of them are capable of planning a wonderful holiday for you and your kids. To get the best family vacation, you must call the right travel agency. There is a special travel agency that offers you with family friendly tour packages.

These family friendly tour packages will enable you and your family to have an exciting vacation. With this package, you will get almost stress-free holiday and your kids will get the fun. Though it is a family tour package, it doesn’t mean that the parents cannot experience the excitement. You will surely enjoy this special tour.

Family friendly tour packages offer you with some great activities. Family tour Europe  package is not only about visiting vacation spots. It is designed to educate your kids and enrich their experience. The fun activities in this tour package includes cooking class, following painting workshop, and time detective activities.

Planning your European tour with this special agency will give you some advantages. One of them is that you will be able to skip the lines. It is very handy when you are visiting the Eiffel Tower, Vatican Museums, and other popular tourist destinations. This package is customized to your family so that you can get the most wonderful moment with your family.

Where to go in Europe?

If you are undecided about the right destination of your family tour, you can stop worrying. There are family friendly vacation destinations in France, England, Italy, Morocco, Malta, Spain, Germany, and many others. This family friendly tour agency will help you decide which one suitable for your family. You don’t need to worry about the cost either. This tour agency offers you tour packages in competitive rates. Many people have hire this agency and they love it.

Discover A City Of Art And History On A Berlin Study Tour

A city rich in history, with a worldwide reputation for culture and education, Berlin is a study tour destination worth travelling for. With its eclectic mixture of historic splendour and stylish modern ambience, it provides ample opportunity for learning – while offering plenty to appeal to young people. Known for its film industry, art movements, dramatic Cold War history, and avant-garde music scene – to name just a few facets of the city’s identity – it has wide curriculum appeal, as well as being a secure and fun place for students to explore. Berlin is full of so many fascinating attractions and great museums that trip leaders will be spoiled for choice, but here are some excellent starting points that are bound to leave student groups feeling informed and inspired.

Brandenburg Gate

No matter what the curricular focus of your study tour, the history of Berlin in the last hundred years is impossible to ignore. For history students, visiting sites that tell the story of Berlin’s dramatic changes in the twentieth century is essential; for students of other subjects, looking into the city’s history is one of the most effective ways of providing context to many aspects of its economy, politics, and culture. For all of these reasons, a visit to the Brandenburg Gate is essential. This is the eighteenth century city gate that became an iconic part of the Berlin Wall during the post-WWII partition of the city. Initially kept open as one of the official crossing points between East and West Berlin, it was later blocked off – not to be reopened until the fall of the Wall in 1989, when it became a symbol of the city’s reunion.


The Reichstag building, located in central Berlin, has a long and remarkable history, and provides students on a study tour with an invaluable window into the eventful past of the city. Built in 1894 after the unification of Germany to house the imperial assembly under Kaiser Wilhelm II, it was the highest seat of power in the German Empire, and later fulfilled the same function in the Weimar Republic, housing the German Parliament. It came to prominence for a very different reason in 1933, when an arson attack on the building played a key role in the political advancement of the Nazi Party. After the war, the building became part of West Berlin, remaining relatively unused until it was fully restored following the city’s reunification – eventually becoming the seat of parliament once more in 1999.

Museum Island

A study tour to Berlin is a chance to visit some of the most impressive museums in Europe, and the best place to start is the aptly named Museumsinsel – literally meaning ‘Museum Island’ – which sits in the middle of the Spree River. Museums on the island include the Altes (Old) Museum and the Neus (New) Musem, the National Gallery, the Bode Museum of Sculpture and the Pergamon Museum of architecture.

Tips On Traveling To Germany

Germany continues to gain popularity worldwide as a tourist destination for vacationers around the world. Germany’s unique culture, friendly people, and distinctive destinations are just a few of the distinctions that have made this beautiful country one of the hottest tourist vacation spots since 2000. Each year, the number of overnight visitors grows. In fact, Germany attracted over 2.2 million visitors from the United States alone within the first six months of 2006!

Travel to and from Germany with ease and in style can be a relaxing and pleasant experience in and of itself. Depending on where the visitor is coming from, Germany can be reached by boat, airline, automobile, or train. With all of these options available, there is a safe, convenient, and affordable option accessible for travel to Germany for every one!

Air Travel to Germany

Air travel affords the world traveler speed and convenience. Germany can be reached as an air destination from major airlines located across the globe. The most accessible German cities by air include Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt. Germany’s own airline Lufthansa accesses over 75 countries, reaching more than 175 cities. No matter what continent the German tourist is located on, there is a flight headed to Germany nearby.

For the budget-minded traveler, there are a variety of no-frills air fare packages available. Some of the airlines to consider when flying affordably are Air Berlin, Ryanair, Germanwings, and Easyjet. For the most recent and up-to-date deals on airfare to Germany near you, contact your local favorite airline.

Travel to Germany on an Ocean Liner

For the traveler that isn’t in as much of hurry, or wants to combine their German vacation with another unique and memorable experience, visiting Germany by way of a cruise can be the perfect choice for relaxation and fun. The benefits of a cruise to Germany include avoiding the hustle and bustle that can be associated with flying and another option to reaching Germany from an overseas destination than via a plane.

Rates vary substantially with packages, but cruise lines typically offer great deals on packages and for the traveler that is available on a flexible schedule. In fact, some cruise lines can offer rates that come out to be pennies on the dollar when compared to premium air line rates!

Popular cruise lines that port in Germany are Norwegian Cruise Lines and Sea Cloud cruises.

Visit Germany by Train

European transportation is world famous for its efficiency, speed, and affordability. So for the budget-minded traveler, catching a train to Germany is an option that the traveler can’t afford not to look into!

But don’t discount the amenities available aboard trains! Packages offered by German rail travel can vary from the no-frills to the extravagant. There is truly something available for everyone.

Trains allow tourists visiting Germany to relax and enjoy the countryside without the added stress that can come with airline travel. Meeting new people and sharing the experience is a traditional aspect of vacationing in Europe and traveling by train affords the vacationer a unique opportunity to have the option of mingling with their fellow passengers if they want or to ride in privacy if they wish – something no long flights in a plane can present.

Five Fantastic Reasons To Visit Berlin On School Tours

When it comes to school tours, Paris is an exceptional destination, suitable for exploring almost any topic imaginable. A city celebrated for its contributions to literature, art, film, history, science and philosophy, it is certain to provide illumination and inspiration. Here are five school subjects that a trip to Paris can greatly enhance.


It is well known among MFL teachers that school tours can be incredibly helpful in boosting the skills and confidence of language learners. The immersive and interactive nature of travelling to a place where your students’ chosen language is spoken means they will regularly be putting their knowledge of French to use – as well as picking up new vocabulary and grammar rules by interacting with native speakers on a daily basis. Even fun leisure activities, such as shopping and eating in cafés and restaurants, can become excellent language-enhancing experiences.


The history of Paris is a dramatic and complex one, and there are countless places in the city where students can discover this history for themselves. From the legendary Place de la Bastille, where revolutionaries tore down the former political prison, to the winding streets of Montmartre and the glimpse they provide into bohemian life in 19th century Paris, there is no shortage of exciting places to visit.


For students who love literature, Paris is one of the most inspiring destinations possible to visit on school tours. It is no coincidence that some of the greatest literary leading lights of the Western world came from France. Writers such as Voltaire, Rousseau, Baudelaire, and Hugo, who have left their mark on literary history, were in turn inspired by the unique and turbulent events of French history.


Paris has been a city of scientific innovation for centuries (home to such celebrated figures as Marie and Pierre Curie), and continues to be a vital world centre for science in this day and age. For school groups, the best place to start exploring this impressive legacy is at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Europe’s largest science museum. With interactive exhibits, an IMAX cinema and a planetarium, it encourages learning through discovery and is sure to enhance students’ scientific knowledge.


With some of the most celebrated art galleries in the world, Paris is an unforgettable destination for art-focused school tours. From the legendary Louvre, home of the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo, to the stylish Pompidou Centre, which houses some of the world’s most celebrated modern art, there is something to suit every taste. For a chance to immerse your students in French art, visit the Musee d’Orsay, housed in a stunning old railway station and home to works by some of the greatest French painters, including the legendary Monet.